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Rapid Repair Balm by Sunshine Botanicals - 1 oz.

Rapid Repair Balm by Sunshine Botanicals - 1 oz.

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Rapid Repair Balm is a potent, botanical alternative to petroleum jelly and traditional pharmaceutical skin ointments.

This potent skin balm may be used to soothe, help heal, and nurture the most sensitive, damaged, and dry, inflamed skin conditions. This nutrient-rich healing balm provides a protective barrier to protect and repair compromised skin conditions, and botanical extracts keep wounds moist to help prevent crusting after laser, peels, and other ablative skin treatments. Rapid Repair Balm is also the perfect “extreme climate cream” – a must-have on the ski slopes and in desert climates. This elegant skin balm fits easily into any dry skincare routine and is ideal for anyone suffering from eczema, psoriasis, chronic dryness, or overall dehydrated skin.

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